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Some of Our Customers
Some of Our Testimonials

“You have provided excellent representation for our company in China and showed great management skills and situation control. Thank you for understanding our needs and providing a profitable outcome as well as monitoring the production process. Your partnership and cooperation is deeply appreciated.“

Eliav Farjun, CTO from ZDF Plastic Solutions

“We greatly appreciate the effort taken to maintain the quality of the service and products we consistently receive from OBT-global. Our experience working with OBT-global has made you our first choice when looking to start new projects involving Chinese suppliers.”

Mark Aranovich, Senior Electro-Mechanical Designer from MIRCOM TECHNOLOGIES LTD.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for your professional work and attendance to my projects. Your expert team and professional work always lead to a hi end finish and perfect products.”

Rafi Koby, CEO from Bina Industrial Design Ltd.

“Your professional management and control of the suppliers in China on the one hand and understanding of our needs on the other hand, led to a fruitful Outcome. Thanks for taking care of our production in China. We felt that we had true partners on the other side of the globe. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to build the production line in China.”

Guy Hayo, COO from RFKeeper Ltd.

“The client is very happy with the results. Great job on turning the project around fast with quality.”


“This is fantastic. I am very pleased. I know how complex this is and I understand that working under these conditions often have the price of imperfection but all and all the mission was achieved in full and the models will be a great success at the show. I looking forward to working with you again.”

Sahar, Senior Designer from AeroScout Ltd.

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