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Our Products

We’ve seen it all ‐ from miniscule surveillance devices to kitchen gadgets and lifestyle products you’d see on QVC. We’ve worked on products that improve quality of life as well as quality of the environment. If you can dream it ‐ we can manufacture it!


Miscellaneous Devices

A Prominent Die Casting Plastic Injection Molding Company

OBT is a leading die casting plastic injection molding company that manufactures and outsources plastic injection molding, die casting metal parts and materials, hot runner injections, plastic tray and automotive parts in China. We offer end-to-end electric injection molding services in China for distinct types of products and rapid prototyping to serve the molding needs of the customers. 

We boast of being highly professional hot runner injection molds manufacturers of plastic tooling. We care to abide by your valuable inputs in order to design a quality tooling for producing your final product. Equipped with top-notch high precision injection mould parts, OBT can offer customers with high quality injection molded parts and fast turnarounds. Our prototyping injection molding company provides optimized and high quality finished parts that meet your demand and reduce costs to enable your business drive exponential gains.

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