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Our Products

Is your design optimized for an injection mold?

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OBT’s unique business philosophy allows us to work with a wide range of products and technological implements, giving us a significant competitive advantage and added value to our customers. Each customer is offered an individual, specialized approach carried out in the most suitable method for each customers’ needs and requests.  
Medical and Cosmetic Devices

OBT has worked with a variety of medical and cosmetic companies ranging from pharmaceutical compliance and non‐invasive diagnostic devices to cosmetic devices such as consumer grade hair removal, medical grade cellulite reduction and liposuction devices. We are able to create molds for many different types of products and are open to any idea. Let us take your innovation to reality.

Alarm and Security Devices

We have created a variety of alarm systems - from Smoke Detectors to Motion Sensors and RFID tags up to Military grade equipment such as night vision binoculars. 

Customers bring their creative concepts, we translate them in to state of the art design using cutting edge technological tools to enable manufacturing.


In an ever transforming arena, new innovations are constantly improving road conditions, safety, emissions and more. This calls for specialized knowledge in the streamlined production of unique automotive parts. We can produce and deliver any part for traditional vehicles all the way up to the "Teslas" of the future.

Miscellaneous Devices

We’ve seen it all ‐ from miniscule surveillance devices to kitchen gadgets and lifestyle products you’d see on QVC. We’ve worked on products that improve quality of life as well as quality of the environment. If you can dream it ‐ we can manufacture it!


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