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Our Products

Medical and Cosmetic Devices

OBT has worked with a variety of medical and cosmetic companies ranging from pharmaceutical compliance and non‐invasive diagnostic devices to cosmetic devices such as consumer grade hair removal, medical grade cellulite reduction and liposuction devices. We are able to create molds for many different types of products and are open to any idea. Let us take your innovation to reality.

Parts and Molds for Medical Devices

Ever since its inception, OBT Plastic & Electronics LTD. has been working in partnership with many renowned pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, and providing them with robust, high-quality parts and molds for their production requirements.

We can design and deliver parts for non-invasive diagnostic as well as cosmetic devices, used primarily by medical and cosmetic practitioners, such as hair removal, cellulite reduction, fat removal and liposuction machines.

We can also design molds for medical devices having certain capacity and size. We are ready to take special orders, and work on your ideas. We can turn your innovation in a reality!

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