August 4, 2016

My formal article covered basics including terminology, volume. This one will focus on quality considerations. Specially talk about how to avoid get fake QC issue .

Molding supplier quality certification often impacts your tooling strategy. A prototype injection molding...

July 26, 2016

Customers at OBT occasionally employ family molds for low-volume production needs. This type of mold is used to manufacture different components of a multi-part assembly, or multiple variations of a single component, in a single shot — if you’ve ever assembled a plasti...

July 7, 2016

You will be well aware what molding is. Molding can be accurately described as giving a particular shape to something in a melted or plastic content state. Plastic components are commonly used these days instead of traditional glass, wood, and many other components bec...

June 28, 2016

With the approved technology and its hit over the Plastic areas, Plastic molding technique has put on amazing concentrate with its outstanding performance. Identified to waste plastic into useful things, these plastic molding areas do the required.

Role of China’s plast...

June 24, 2016

Doubled Output. Reduces Part Cost. Multiple Components in One Shot.

Stack molds double (or more for increased stack mold levels) the output of standard plastic injection molds. Increasing molding efficiency and reducing the overall part cost. Stack molds can also produc...

June 15, 2016

With almost 12 years of plastic injection molding experience, OBT has grown to be recognized as a global leader in custom plastic injection molding. Partnering with OEMs worldwide, in a wide range of industries, we can design and mold custom plastic parts and assemblie...

June 8, 2016

OBT plastics specializes in multi-shot injection molding as well as 2-shot plastic injection molding. We have extensive experience in designing and building high quality molds for multi-shot and 2-shot injection molded plastics for a wide range of application.


June 1, 2016

Plastic injection molding is useful in producing medical devices in very large quantities. Understanding and dependable consistency about all the variable of injection molding is very important. Its impact on successful processing is mainly significant for medical devi...

May 31, 2016

Selecting the right injection molding partner is crucial for a successful project. The costs and time would be important  part of a project budget.


Specially how to find suitable injection mold partner from China?  My article will  provides tips and considerations, whi...

May 26, 2016

The plastic injection mold is the instrument for manufacturing plastic parts to give them a complete structure, accurate dimensions. In China, most of the plastic injection mold manufacturers hire technical executives who are good at technique and English communication...

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