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Our Services

OBT has worked with a wide variety of industries ‐ from micro‐devices to large screen LCD panels. We offer design and engineering consulting as well as optimization services. We are able to custom create any mold to fit your wildest design concepts ‐ ranging from one prototype to mass production. 

No project is too small or too large.

To learn more leave your contact information and one of our representatives will contact you!

Design and Engineering

OBT Engineering services notably reduces time‐to‐market, optimizes costs, and ensures quality. We provide the knowledge and experience that create stellar solutions ‐ from early stage product design to a successful manufacturing process.


OBT engineers have experience working with a vast array of industries ranging from Medical Devices to High PrecisionCNC, Electronic PCBA and much more.


A local Project Manager is assigned to each project, responsible for all communications with you while monitoring quality requirements on site.


Our Design and Engineering Services Include: 

  • Conceptual Design

  • Mechanical Engineering Design

  • CAD Modeling and Detailing

  • Simulations, Analysis and Prototyping Design for Assembly

  • Design of Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Reverse Engineering and Project Management

  • Weekly status updates including alerts to any production problems and/or shipping delays

  • QC report before shipping

Purchasing and Logistics

OBT’s mission is to increase our clients business with China by managing the work done in the Far East in the most efficient way. We provide our clients with the added value of purchasing and logistics services in order to streamline the process, saving you time and effort, sourcing the right suppliers and dealing with the intricacies of Chinese business culture.


OBT makes it feasible to increase profits by delivering faster and more effective cost reduction in:

  • BOM

  • Design

  • Negotiation 


OBT offers:

  • Single Point of Contact for all needs

  • Save Time and Money on administrative and logistical costs which must be paid locally

  • From R&D to Production ‐ covering all logistic needs

  • Efficient and Effective Sourcing of Suppliers ‐ through our extensive network of connections, establishing the right working relationship from day one

  • Leveraging our Vast Knowledge and Experience of the Chinese market accumulated over our 20 years in China

  • Unique Engineering and/or Logistic Constraints ‐ equipped to handle issues that might arise both on the engineering and the logistic side

  • Negotiations ‐ with local suppliers/manufacturers based on client instructions

  • Loading & Shipping ‐ Finding the best and most cost effective way for the loading and shipping of products

Inspection Services

OBT provides a wide range of services such as: QC, QA, Audits and Documentations.


OBT can provide inspection services on your behalf with any local supplier as a standalone service, even if they weren't contracted through us.


OBT will:

  • Ensure that contractual obligations have met the packaging, marking and delivery specifications

  • Identify problems before products are shipped or distributed

  • Provide pre‐shipment inspection, production monitoring, initial production check, mid‐production check, final production check before shipping, logistic follow up, etc. 


OBT Plastic & Electronics Co. Ltd. has been offering a range of high-quality products and services across industries for the last 20 years.

We offer plastic injection moulds and partsto clients belonging to different domains and industries.Our customers benefit from our team of excellent professionals, flexible programs, excellent turn around time and attractive services. OBT’s vast knowledge and experience in China and Far East give our customers the best results.

Authorized by the Chinese government, OBT focuses on presenting excellent mold designs and providing effective engineering support. We also offer custom, tailor-made molds and parts as per manufacturers’ specific requirements. Our superior quality machines ensure low operational cost.

Working as a bridge between customers and suppliers, our ISO 9001 certified productsare designed to meet western industry standards.

We provide safe, on site delivery though our reliable logistics solutions to help our customers save time and money. We can deliver to any address across China and Hong Kong.

OBT Plastics & Electronics Ltd. also provides QC, QA, Auditing and Documentation services to organizations across the region.

Bottom line is important, but what matters most to us is winning the trust of our clients and building a long-term relationship that is “win-win” for both the parties. We constantly seek to establish open and trust worthy relationships with our customers and suppliers. At OBT, we understand that if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.

To know more, please contact us at +86-755-26810950-8005 and +86-15986799106, or send us an email to

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