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Stack Molds

Doubled Output. Reduces Part Cost. Multiple Components in One Shot.

Stack molds double (or more for increased stack mold levels) the output of standard plastic injection molds. Increasing molding efficiency and reducing the overall part cost. Stack molds can also produce multi-component assemblies or a family of parts in one shot on one plastic injection molding machine.

Stack Molds

A stack mold can be described as a series of interconnected same sized single face molds. Where the molds are “stacked” next to the other. Thus, without increasing the plastic injection molding machine platen size or tonnage, stack molds double the number of cavities producing parts. Three level and four level stack molds, triple or quadruple production volumes respectively.

Most stack molds have an equal number of the same cavities in each side of the mold, or parting surface, but can also have different cavities in each mold parting surface to produce a family of parts per shot, with each part being a different shape and size.


  • Doubled part production (more for 3&4 level stack molds)

  • Optimal molding efficiency

  • Reduced production and part cost

  • Ability to mold multi-component assemblies or a family of parts in one shot on one plastic injection molding machine


Stack molds benefit many applications, some of which include:

  • Thin wall containers, lids, closures&caps

  • Medical disposables

Packaging (food, cosmetics, medical, industrial)

  • Consumer products

  • Housewares

  • Vehicle lens and trim components

Stack Mold Design

Proper stack mold design and construction are critical to success. And OBT in house engineering and mold design and building teams are highly experienced.

Competitive advantage

Lower your part cost and gain competitive advantage via OBT experience with stack molds in custom plastic injection molding. Our focus on early supplier involvement in the engineering and design process, design for manufacturability, project management, material selection support and our systems in the United states, Israeli and China.

Contact OBT to review your current components and assemblies or new development. To learn if stack molds or some of the many other plastic injection molding technologies can provide you a competitive advantage for your application!

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