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How to avoid fake QC?

My formal article covered basics including terminology, volume. This one will focus on quality considerations. Specially talk about how to avoid get fake QC issue .

Molding supplier quality certification often impacts your tooling strategy. A prototype injection molding house may not have any formal quality certification. You should consider these untested component suppliers and inspect each part during manufacture.

Some toolers may have ISO9001 certification. After QC, you can use the parts without inspecting each one, provided a) you trust them, and b) they issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with each batch. But most of time you can not avoid get fake QC from supplier . because the supplier have different level in our marketing , we have to face this situation and improve monitor from our system.

1st: manufacturers should use a version control system for designs. Choosing a molder with a recognized QMS will help eliminate any production or prototyping errors related to out-of-date revisions mistakenly used. Part numbers and revisions can be easily incorporated into production tools. Date wheels or other identifiers can be inserted into the tool and be molded into innocuous locations to provide batch or lot identification

2nd: We always prefer to issue solid models, drawings etc. with an issuance note and unique drawing numbers, part numbers and file names, which clearly instructs the injection molder to destroy or delete the previous models.

3rd: provide QC training to supplier when start cooperate , let them understand well about your detail QC requirement. This issue easy to be destroy when the QC leader quit from current job. You have start from beginning again .

4th: send you engineer take care about his project, from beginning of production , check the raw material, technical data etc step step. Let the vendor understand you focus on each step. They must take 100% care about it .

5th: set the rules , if get 1 time fake QC from vendor , how to go on ? sometimes vendor need pay some cost for this kind of stupid action .

Several of the issues and tips above are interrelated. If you are going to follow only one tip, it should be cost benefit analysis. This tip combines most of the issues in a single step. For example, take the issues of tooling cost, materials cost, validation costs, while you are waiting for tooling to be made. All of these can be factored into a thorough cost benefit analysis. The results may be surprising…

If you have this kind of experience , also u have good way solved it . welcome share with us . mail to : or

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