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How To Choose Injection Molding Partners from China

Selecting the right injection molding partner is crucial for a successful project. The costs and time would be important part of a project budget.

Specially how to find suitable injection mold partner from China? My article will provides tips and considerations, which discovered and developed over 12 years in this field.

  • Understand Injection Molding Terminology, how much each supplier can produce. Only injection mold. Not including prototype tool .

  • Understand Another important phrase is ‘cycle time’. This is the time it takes to mold a new part, and can be important if you want high volumes.

  • Multi-cavity and family tools are also important phrases, The former is useful to increase the number of parts produced for a given cycle time. The tooling cost will be higher , but the part price will be cheap, and the latter is useful when you wish to try and reduce your tooling costs, But the part cost will be higher .

  • Understand Your Molder’s Process, communicate with tooler, check with them if have more experience in your field. If they can give you some good suggestion from his side . from this point, you can check this partner professional or not.

  • Have a clear understanding of your volume requirements and how they are going to change over the life time of the product. If This model requires tooling which can support up to 500,000 shots, export standard molds should be appropriate. Different life time for the mold , supplier will use different steel. The cost will be also different. This issue should check with partner with detail during the quotation .

  • Other import item is Time control process. injection molding is a complex process. Good partner can send your mold schedule each weak with real photo for your project, even you no need fly to China, each week you can understand you project clearly. The key point its finally you can get T1 sample in time.

Above mentioned just for reference , I`d be pleased to hear from readers about your injection molding experiences and tips. Next time I will wrote something specially about quality control. Especially most of you have to face the problem about fake QC report .

For any query, pls. send me mail:

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